Insurance Board receives tremendous response for Surveyor’s License

Kathmandu:Insurance Board has received tremendous response for the Insurance Surveyor’s training.It has received application from 700 applicants for the opening of 200.

The attraction has increased as one can work as part time even if he/she is involved in other profession.

There are currently 700 surveyors.  But the number of active surveyors is only one hundred. Insurance companies have been complaining that there is a problem in assessing the loss of claims due to lack of active professional surveyors.


Following the complaints of the companies, the Board had called for applications from August 24 to August 30,2021.


Nepali citizens who have worked for at least ten years in an officer’s position in an insurer’s office or have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or have at least a bachelor’s degree in insurance from an internationally recognized Chartered Insurance Institute, or have passed the Chartered Accountancy Examination are allowed to apply for the surveyor license. Eligible applicants will obtain a license only after participating in the basic training conducted by the Insurance Board.  The Board provides six days of basic training.  After participating in the training, they can get a surveyor’s license by paying a fee of Rs 5,000.

Every non-life insurance company make a standing list of surveyors at the beginning of the financial year. The company has been paying fee for assessing the loss.  Surveyors who are in regular contact with the company have been earning good money.  As most of the surveyors live inside Kathmandu, there is a shortage of professional surveyors outside the Kathmandu Valley.

There is an obligation to train only 25 people at a time.  In this regard, it seems that it will take one or two months to issue licenses to all those who apply.  But the board does not have the capacity and manpower to conduct regular surveyor training.

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