Covid19 Claim of Rs. 6.16bn remained unpaid by the GoN

Kathmandu:According to the Auditor General’s 58th Annual Report, the Government of Nepal has yet to pay Rs. 6.16 billion under Corona(Covid19) Insurance.Due to the  Epidemic Insurance Program 2077 issued by the Insurance Board, the liabilities of billions of rupees have been added to the bag of Government of Nepal.

Under the epidemic insurance program 2077, more than 1.758 million people had purchased Covid19 insurance till July 12, 2021. A total of Rs.10.97 billion has been claimed by 114,633 insured while Rs.1.59 billion insurance premium has been collected.


Out of the total claims, Rs.6.16 billion is yet to be paid, according to the 58th Annual Report released by the Office of the Auditor General.


While the report of the Auditor General is making public the data regarding the payment of Covid19 Insurance claims, the Ministry of Finance has not made any data public so far. The government has not yet taken any initiative to pay the claims of Covid19 Insurance through there was an agreement that the financial burden of excess claim will be borne by the Government of Nepal.

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