IPO allotment of Sanima Life Concluded

Kathmandu. The primary shares of Sanima Life Insurance Company have been distributed today. The distribution has been completed at the company’s business office at Durbar Marg.

A total of 2,419,848 people had applied for the primary shares issued by the company from July 7 to 8. They had applied for 36.9 million 51 thousand 80 units of IPO.

1 lakh 6 thousand 292 applications have been rejected due to various reasons. Similarly, the applications of 5,434 people who had submitted duplicate application have also been rejected, said Prabhu Capital, sales manager. The number of applications rejected due to both the reasons is 1 lakh 11 thousand 726 people.
Accordingly, the number of eligible applicants is 2.3 million 8 thousand 1 hundred 22. They had applied for 34.2 million 5 thousand 20 units.

Out of the 6 million shares on behalf of the general public, 5 percent or 300,000 shares have been distributed to the mutual fund. The remaining 5.4 million lots are available to the general public. Out of 23 lakh 8 thousand 122 eligible applications, lucky 5 lakh 40 thousand have received 10/10 lots of shares. The remaining 1.768 million people have been left empty-handed.

The IPO allotment result can be checked on http://results.prabhucapital.com/

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