Gurans Life announces 5.789pc dividends

Kathmandu:Gurans Life Insurance has declared dividend for the fiscal year 2075/76. The Board of Directors meeting held on Sunday has proposed to distribute a total of 5.789 percent dividend from the profits of the fiscal year 2075/76 to its shareholders.

From the accumulated profits up to the Fiscal Year 2075/76, 5.50 percent bonus share of the existing paid-up capital will be equal to Rs.10crore 86 lakh 65 thousand 4 hundred and 0.289 percent for tax purposes will amounted to Rs. 57 lakh 19 thousand 231.It has announced to distribute a total of 5.789 percent cash dividend.


The company has paid dividends only six times since its inception.It is the last of the life insurance companies listed in the secondary market to declare dividend for the fiscal year 2075/76.He is finally ready after the Insurance Board repeatedly pressured him to complete the audit.

Investors will be able to receive the company’s proposed dividend after approval from the Insurance Board and approval by the company’s next general meeting.


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