Shikhar Insurance Launches ‘Auto Plus’ for Tata SCV owners

Kathmandu:The owner of Tata Small Commercial Vehicles(SCV) can now be benefited from full insurance coverage at zero cost.
A newly launched product of Shikhar Insurance Company ‘Auto Plus’ will be available at zero cost for one year to the buyer of Tata Warrior, Tata S and Tata Intra pick-up vehicles.The owner can continue the insurance coverage with insurance policy renewal at self pay.
The company has stated that this auto plus scheme will be applicable for 5 years from the date of vehicle registration.

The agreement has been jointly signed by Vice President of Sipradi Trading Saurav Raj Thapaliya and Chief Executive Officer of Shikhar Insurance Dip Prakash Pandey at a function held at Shikhar Biz Park, Kathmandu.

This scheme is applicable only to comprehensive motor insurance policies.  Under this, there is zero depreciation.It means incase of total loss of the vehicle, the owner will get a new vehicle or purchase price as claim against the loss.

Additionally,a daily fare of Rs 3,000 for Tata Warrior for 15 days and Rs 1,500 per day for Tata S/Tata Intra will be payable incase of maintenance of these vehicles after an accident.To avail such facility, the vehicles must be repaired at any authorised service center of Sipradi Trading across Nepal.

In order to get the benefits, vehicles owner can go to any of the authorised service centers of SipradiTrading in case of an accident and claim for vehicle repair and insurance.

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