Integrated software launched by Insurance Regulator

Kathmandu: Beema Samiti has installed an integrated server and new software to regulate and monitor the life insurance companies. Chairman Surya Prasad Silwal inaugurated the new server and software at his office today. Chairman Silwal has formally inaugurated by printing the agent’s license through new software.
The insurance companies can share the mandatory details through this software to the regulator. As the insurance companies will be able to keep the data in the software themselves, Samiti is expected to get accurate and realistic data.
Chairman Silwal said that the Beema Samiti itself has been adopting changes in information and technology. “It’s a beginning and not an end,” he admitted. Because we have to adopt many of the technologies that have come into the world. ‘
He informed that his office will use new technology as it will be difficult to maintain the credibility of the insurance company if the new technology is not adopted. He added: “The more we reduce our physical presence, the more we can become stronger.”

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