Life Insurers prepare to donate Rs.10 million for Covid19 fund

Kathmandu.: The Life Insurers Association of Nepal(LIAN) has decided to raise funds to support the Covid19 fund of government of Nepal.
The association has decided to collect at least Rs. 7.5 lakh from each of the member life insurance companies.
Pravin Raman Parajuli, treasurer of the association informed that the support fund is aimed at helping government to procure health equipments and materials.

The Ministry of Health is making necessary preparations for the prevention and control of the third wave of Covid19. In this context, the Ministry has realized the need for 275 high-tech beds for ICUs and ventilators in government hospitals across the country and has taken the procurement process forward. Various organizations are providing financial assistance to the Ministry for this purpose. So far, 10 life insurance companies have come forward and the rest are in the process of coming, said Parajuli.

Under the umbrella of Jiwan Bimak Sangh of Nepal(Life Insurers Association of Nepal), 19 life insurance companies are associated.

The companies in executive members have contributed over Rs. 7.5 million each. There is no limit to the amount of support that companies can happily provide. If the assistance of 19 companies is collected at the rate of Rs 7.5 million alone, the ministry is expected to receive more than Rs. 10 million.

Similarly,Bankers’ Association and various other financial institutions are assisting the health ministry in purchasing health equipment.
Treasurer Parajuli said that the third wave of Covid19 would affect the children the most and that they would soon die due to lack of ventilators and ICUs. “It’s an institutional initiative,” he said. It is not a matter made mandatory by the government or any other body. ‘


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