Beema Samiti to Launch Nationwide Awareness Campaign

Kathmandu: The insurers’ regulator, Beema Samiti, has planned to launch insurance awareness campaign. It aims to reach to 100 villages and municipalities with the awareness campaing.

Chairman of BS, Surya Prasad Silwal has instructed his employees to be prepared for outdoor visit. He informed that the aim is to be present in every local body as much as possible.

“Now,no one will be sitting on a chair anymore,” pointing has his office workforce, he said. We are going to the districts under the leadership of the director. Our staffs will reach to the Local bodies and explain about insurance and encourage for insurance.

The regulator is sending a team to Mahottari on Friday. It is planned to go there and contact the elected representatives of the Village council and municipalities. In this process, teachers of school, colleges in the concerned districts, experts in the field of insurance will also be gathered to provide training on insurance and get feedback from them.

The field directors will collect feedback and suggestions from the local bodies and submit them to the regulator. Silwal informed that instructions and guidelines will be prepared if necessary on the basis of the suggestions. At the same time, the policy direction will also be prepared.

The main objective of the current campaign is to increase public awareness about insurance. “Local bodies are the government, so we request them to coordinate,” he said.

The purpose of this program is to provide access to insurance to the low income groups. Nowadays, both life and non-life companies are concentrated in the city and the lower income groups are not able to access insurance. If the big companies do not go to the local bodies, they will have access to insurance even by setting up microinsurance, said Silwal.

He informed that a study has been started on the need for microinsurance companies in Nepal. BS will accomplish the study in a month or two.

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