Mr. Meghendra Prakash Giri: The man behind No. 1 brands

Kathmandu: In the era of global consumerism, branding and promotion play a crucial role in the success of any company. Successful branding can establish an organization as a synonyms for a particular industry. It requires creative thinking and perseverance.

In the context of Nepal, if you name a bank probably the image of NIC Asia Bank will click on your mind. And moreover, when you name a life insurance, no doubt Nepal Life Insurance’s brand image will be in your mind.

Do you know who was behind the breakthrough branding of NIC Asia Bank? Meghendra Prakash Giri is the man behind it’s brand positioning. Through the branding of NIC Asia Bank and Nepal Life Insurance, he has managed to make a name for himself in the world of branding and media.

After the successful branding of NIC Asia Bank, Giri is now leading the branding team of Nepal’s number one life insurance company, Nepal Life Insurance. Prior to working in financial sector’s branding, he had served 11 years in the then number 1 media house, Kantipur Media Group. And he also has very good experience of sales and marketing of FMCG and Paints.

Born in Gulariya, Bardiya, Giri was good both at studying and other extracurricular activities from an early age. Giri, who was average in school level, topped college in intermediate commerce( ten plus two level) by self-study. After completion of certificate level in 2049 BS, he rushed to Nepalgunj for bachelor degree. Thereafter, he rushed to Kathmandu for post graduation. While graduating from Shankar Dev Campus, he had to go back to home town to assist his father. A year later, he came to Kathmandu again and completed his MBA.

In leisure, he loves to write lyrics and enjoy singing. He has made some long lasting CSR message carrying vdo songs for Nepal Life Insurance.

While talking to, Mr. Giri shares his ideas about branding and media relations.

If the branding is successful then, the name of the company can stay in the minds of the common people. It requires creative thinking and perseverance.

Branding should be done according to the time. Giri says that the strategy of push and pull will always be applied in this. The marketing of various products of the company can be done through push strategy while the branding of the company is working as a bridge strategy. When marketing, you have to take your product and reach the customer. But branding attracts customers to the company.

Giri says, “We must first find out what the target group of the company is for our product.”

Once you’ve identify your target group, you should be able to create the most relevant message to communicate with them. We have to create a message that could knock the customer out ‘Wow.’ The story must connect with the target group. The language, color, photo, taste, tune must match with the customers thought. He says, “Once attracted to a company, the customers do not forget the brand and image of the company. You can easily connect with them again.”

Marketing is often used as a tool to sell the company’s goods and services, while branding is playing a role in keeping the company in everyone’s mind. Branding is one of the biggest weapons in the market as it helps to sustain the market in the long run.

Currently, the world is just like a department store. A customer is completely free to choose the goods and services he wants. The choice is based on the brand of the company that is already in his mind. It is the job of branding that the product image has been placed in his mind. Just like the nation spends on the security of the country, any company should use advertising and branding as a marketing tool to be used when the company wants it, when it is needed, to outperform the competition and to stay in the minds of its customers.

He shares that the “Ambient Advertising”( placing ads on unusual objects or in unusual places) strategy has been the most effective lately. Such concept has played an effective role in making the customers feel different about the goods and services they are consuming through a branding strategy based on the right time, place, weather, lifestyle, language, religion and geography.

The key to success:

According to Giri, the first formula for success is ‘creative and hard working’. While working as a branding head, the first requirement is unique creative thinking and the next requirement is deep PR with media.

Giri writes songs, sings and composes himself. He also has the art of creating everything from the concept of advertising to directing. This art has also helped him to be successful. Both marketing and branding knowledge and experience helped him succeed. Each company has its own strategy. According to the company’s strategy, the branding head should be able to present himself. Giri believes that a successful brand manager is a person who can fulfill the desires of the company. On the other hand, he has the talent to work, but if the company does not try to use that talent, it is difficult for the person to succeed. So both had to be composed.

Even if the brand manager is allowed to work within the time limit of 10 to 5 o’clock, he cannot be creative. According to Giri, brand managers should be left free to do creative work. Success will be in your hands.

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