Shikhar Insurance Offering Covid19 Insurance

Kathmandu: Market leader in non-life insurance Shikhar Insurance Company, is offering Covid19 treatment insurance cover under it’s health insurance plan. With the second wave of Covid 19, people’s interest in this scheme, which also covers the risk of Covid under health insurance, has increased.
Many infected people of Covid19 have also got relief from this scheme which was launched from Baishakh last year.
In order to avail the benefits under this health insurance scheme of Shikhar, the insured who have fallen ill from Covid19 must have been admitted to the hospital for at least 24 hours for treatment. The company has said that the general public has been relieved from the current epidemic as Shikhar Insurance will bear the entire cost of the hospital during that period.
The insured who buys this scheme will get payment of Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 million under the Covid19 treatment service and some patients have already got this facility, the company said. With the Covid19 coverage insurance scheme announced by the government coming to an end in June, Shikhar health insurance can be a good option for those looking for a better scheme.
Shikhar’s health insurance scheme covers not only covid but also the risk of more than 1,000 diseases. Shikhar Insurance, the first non-life insurance company to start health insurance in Nepal, is currently providing popular services from more than 6,000 hospitals to cover the treatment cost of more than 1,000 diseases.

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