Citizen Life Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Kathmandu: Citizen Life Insurance Company is celebrating its 4th anniversary. The company celebrates its anniversary organizing various CSR activities like blood donation, free health camps, free food and clothing for the poor, sanitation in public places and books, stationery and other educational materials to the students.

The CEO of the company, Poshak Poudel, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all the well-wishers including customers, business citizen leaders, regulatory bodies, shareholder dignitaries, board of directors, goodwill ambassadors, media persons, business partners and employees. .

During this period, the company has expanded its network to 73 districts and has been providing insurance services to its insured through 126 branch and sub-branch offices. It has been providing online insurance policy purchase, insurance premium collection and claim payment services under the Digital Citizen Campaign.

The company has invested a total of Rs 5.68 billion as of FY 2077/2078. The paid up capital of the company is Rs. 1.75 billion and the reserve fund is Rs. 85.86 billion. The life insurance fund has Rs. 3.57 billion and the business with unpaid risk is Rs. 2.17 billion.

Similarly, the company has 590,000 insured. There are 31,000 agents. The company has increased its business by 180 percent in the last FY.

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